The Big Revved-Up Picture

Super Boost, a slot created by London studio Electric Elephant and Relax Gaming partner, aims to make a larger impression in 2020 than it did in 2019. However, if you scratch the surface, you’ll find a wealth of fascinating data. The big one is potential, but we all know that significant statistics don’t tell the whole story. Engaging gameplay that propels you forward is crucial. Even if Super Boost has the most impressive number, what more does it have to offer?

Super Boost’s space-themed flavoring is meant to evoke the candy brand Starburst. The simple-looking symbols, the chill EDM music, and the view of the night sky out the back all help to achieve this. When the reels are spun, they fill with symbols that appear like a cross between test tubes and the Star Trek transporter. Super Boost is visually unremarkable and fails to engage the viewer. The multiplier ladder to the left of the reels is the most exciting feature, with a maximum multiplier of x100.

Bets range from 10 p/c up to $/€50, allowing players to participate regardless of platform. The maximum victory is out of this world, but otherwise the metrics are rather realistic. The first is the significant volatility and respectable return to investment of 96.25 percent. The relatively low 14.47% hit frequency can lead to lengthy stretches of dead spins, so don’t anticipate a meteor shower of winnings to occur. The progressive multiplier and cascading symbols help compensate for the low hit rate.

Three or more identical symbols in any position on any of the game’s 40 fixed paylines will result in a payout. The icons aren’t particularly creative, but they perform their function. Ten A royals are the lowest of the low cards, with a value of 1.5x for a full house. After that, there are two symbols in the center and three big ones. All of them are colorful geometric shapes of varied sizes and forms. If you get a complete house, you can win anywhere from 2.5% to 7.5% of your original wager.

Five of a kind of the Logo wild is worth 30 times the wager, making it the most lucrative symbol. It may stand in for any other icon to assist you out during bonus rounds.

Supercharged: Specifications

This part doesn’t have a lot of optional details. Super Boost Mega Spins, progressive multipliers, and cascading symbols are the main features.

When a winning combination is formed, all symbols on the relevant reels vanish to make room for new ones, giving players additional opportunities to win. For instance, if you get three of a type, all the symbols on the first three reels will disappear. This domino effect will keep happening as long as there are winners.

Additionally, the game multiplier grows by 1 each time you win (up to 100x). A Super Boost Mega Spin is activated if at least three consecutive wins occur. During a single Super Boost Free Spin, the middle three reels will feature stacked wilds increasing in size from 1×5 to 2×5 to 3×5. Any winnings on the Super Boost Mega Spin are multiplied by the total multiplier accumulated during the cascade sequence.

Verdict Gets a Big Boost

The features are brief yet satisfying. Because of the nature of Super Boost games, hardly much is left over for the regular gameplay. When coupled with the dismal hit rate, this results in a lot of dull moments. Once Super Boost gets going, it really gets going, with cascades and multipliers piling up until the grand finale of a Super Boost Mega Spin. Keep your fingers crossed that your one free spin is a winner. Naturally, the most rewarding victories were observed in the center, where a high concentration of wilds made a tremendous impact.

Still, these estimates pale in comparison to the developer’s outlandish projections. A 200x multiplier (capped at €1m) sounds incredible, but how realistic is it? There is doubt because the maximum return from Super Boost in the developer’s simulations was only 17,643 times the stake. An remarkable sum in and of itself, albeit not quite as much as the 200,000x that was cited. When spinning Super Boost, there is a chance of winning big. But do they justify the risk of playing?

Both, actually. If your initial attempt is successful, you are more likely to return for another go the following time around. If not, Super Boost is a pointless slot that you forgot about after two days. The features are fascinating to consider, however they aren’t particularly well implemented. For a game with potentially enormous prizes, it can be shockingly clumsy and dull at times. Super Boost is extremely volatile and has a low hit rate, thus it may be a game where nothing occurs or everything does. You’ll either receive a winning roll or see your money disappear into thin air. It’s true that the one Super Boost Mega Spin may be nerve-wracking if you’ve managed to build up a respectable multiplier.

Super Boost is a strange game overall. It’s simple to dismiss if you don’t know about the enormous possibilities. But after a few successful Super Boost Mega Spins, it starts to grow on you. There isn’t much more to do, and the game quickly becomes boring if you find yourself chasing your tail in circles. There is no technical reason to not have a stab at it if you’re wanting heroic victories and can locate an operator ready to pay a probable €1 million liability.